Image by David Michael Sanchez

HMS KENT and HMS DEFENDER, both Portsmouth-based warships, will arrive in HMNB
Gibraltar today for pre-planned, routine logistical support.

The warships left their home port five days ago at the start of operational deployments to the Gulf and Asia Pacific respectively.

HMS KENT, a Type 23 frigate, will relieve HMS DUNCAN in the Gulf and is scheduled to
work alongside US partners as part of the newly-formed International Maritime Security
Construct. She will be focused on providing regional maritime security, including counter-
terrorism and anti-smuggling activities.

She will also work alongside HMS MONTROSE to escort British-flagged vessels through the
Strait of Hormuz.

Before arriving in Gibraltar, HMS DEFENDER, a Type 45 destroyer, will already have started
her operational deployment by participating in Exercise Konkan, working alongside the
Indian frigate, INS Tarkash in the English Channel. Konkan is a long-running exercise
designed to test the ability of the two Commonwealth navies to operate side-by-side if it
comes to the crunch.

DEFENDER’s deployment in the Asia Pacific region aims to strengthen already strong
defence ties and demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the peace and prosperity in the
region. The presence of the ship proves the UK’s global reach with world-wide interests and
world-leading defence capability.

She will take part in maritime security patrols aimed at protecting vital trade routes as part of a long-standing 30-nation maritime force. The Asia Pacific region is increasingly important to the UK for prosperity with more than one third of UK trade by value travelling from this area.