Image by David Michael Sanchez

HMS ENTERPRISE will arrive in Gibraltar on Monday 19 August 2019 for a routine visit.

Built at Appledore in Devon, and launched on 2 May 2002, ENTERPRISE is a survey ship
capable of providing near real-time environmental information to ships of the Royal Navy.
She will also provide data that will ensure charts are up to date and help ensure freedom of
navigation for all.

ENTERPRISE runs a three-watch-manning routine.  Her crew are assigned in to one of
three watches, of which only two will be on board at any time, while the other is on leave or on courses in the UK.  This enables the ship to remain on deployment for long periods and still allow personnel to return to the UK to be with families.

Ready to deploy globally, she represents unique capabilities that allow the Royal Navy to
quickly respond to changes in the global situation, as we do with all high readiness forces.
This is one of the benefits of her three watch manning system meaning she can achieve
much higher availability whilst also providing balance for the ship’s company.

HMS ENTERPRISE’s current Commanding Officer hails from Gibraltar. Commander Cecil
Ladislaus left the Rock in 1995 to study civil engineering at Nottingham University. In
January 2000 he joined the Navy and after a career in various different roles he was
promoted to commander in the summer of 2018 and in November 2018 he took over
command of the Enterprise.