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So today an large majority of people have lost their satellite channels. From what I’ve read it looks as if Gibtel has thrown a wobbler than there is now stable competition and have made it possible that the only way to view Sky “legally” is through them.

To us, it looks like a monopoly trying to bully the competition so that doesn’t seem quite fair.

Let’s face it, we all know the Sky that has been offered for the better part of 20+ years hasn’t been legit. If England can’t legally view 3pm Premier League kick-offs, then you have to wonder why we can.

Anyway, that is completely besides the point. What we are here to do is offer you an alternative. A backdoor which is means you can stick with your current provider, and still get your old channels, maybe more.

As Denzel Washtington said in American Gangster, “I want to get straight to the source.”

So here it is, an easy guide. This might not wok for everyone, but if it does then happy days.

If you have a Smart TV, a Firestick, or a digibox which has the capacity to download certain apps then get on those search engines and find yourself either SmartIPTV, or Plex.

Once you have found either these, SmartIPTV would be the obvious recommendation then download them onto your device.

Once you have done this then go to ebay and based on whichever app you download search for “Smart IPTV subscriptions” or “Plex IPTV Subscriptions”. Of course it is completely at your discretion if you choose to do this and this is a suggestion so we won’t offer you a specific seller. But I can say from experience, that I have only had positive results.

All the prices range but if you go into the market it will tell you exactly what you get in the package, you can grab some bargains around the price of £25.

Once you have made your buy then all you need to do is wait for the seller to message you and if you are on Smart IPTV send them your MAC address, and if you’re Plex then you will get a 4 digit code that you will need to send.

And that’s it. They will do all the work, you just wait for them to respond and boom you’re back on Sky.

Giblad have got your back!