Image courtesy of the Ministry of Defence

HM Ships BANGOR and MIDDLETON will visit HMNB Gibraltar on Friday 17 August for a scheduled visit.  The mine-hunters will stop as part of their return transit to the UK after the ships have spent 3 years in the Middle East on operations.

The mine-hunters left their home ports mid-2015 to continue the UK’s long standing commitment to security operations within the Middle East, changing crews a number of times within that period.  By the time the crews return to their respective ports of Faslane and Portsmouth, they will have completed an 8-month deployment.

The ships have worked with the UK’s allies in the region, forming part of a task group with the US Navy, as well as working with the Royal Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari, Egyptian, Omani, UAE and Bahraini navies.

HMS BANGOR and HMS MIDDLETON will enter the Naval Base together in Procedure Alpha, whereby the crews line the upper decks in their ceremonial uniforms.