A 46 year old Spanish national, Cesar Lopez Sanz, was arrested
yesterday evening in a Drug Squad operation.

Lopez Sanz, who was suspected of being involved in the supply of
controlled drugs was stopped by the officers in the area of Buena
Vista Road, where he put up a brief struggle before being
restrained by the officers. On being searched he was found in
possession of several wrappers of a preparation containing
Cocaine, which subsequently gave an approximate weight of 25
grammes and was arrested for being in possession of a controlled
drugs and intent to supply a controlled drug.

An Inspector’s Authority to search was executed at the residence
where he was squatting where approximately a further 10
grammes of a preparation containing Cocaine were seized. During
the search a small quantity of Cannabis Resin and forged
documents in the form of an Italian ID card and an Italian Driving
Licence were also seized. Also found at the residence was
realistic looking BB gun, a prohibit weapon under the Firearms Act.

Following further enquires and interview Lopez Sanz has been
charged with:

  • Possession of control class A drug. [35 grammes Cocaine]
  • Intent to supply a control class A drug. [35 grammes
  • Possession of a controlled class B drug. [15 grammes
    Cannabis Resin]
  • Being in possession of a prohibited weapon. [BB Gun]
  • 2x counts of Possession of a forged or irregular document
    [Italian ID Card and driving license).

Bail has been refused and he will remain in Police custody until his
appearance before the Magistrates’ Court tomorrow morning.