At about 1115 hours on Saturday 7th July Police were alerted to the late
Michael Montegriffo who had been found shortly before by a member
of the public lying on the pavement by Gavino’s Dwellings and bleeding
from an injury to his head. GHA Ambulance personnel commenced
immediate emergency medical treatment before Mr Montegriffo was
conveyed to St Bernard’s Hospital, where intensive trauma treatment
was continued to be administered by the Trauma Team at the A&E
department. Despite every effort by the medical team Mr Montegriffo
passed away from his injuries at about 1317hrs that same day.

Her Majesty’s Coroner was informed and an investigation into the
circumstances surrounding Michael Montegriffo’s death was
commenced. A witness appeal was issued by Police that same day and a
number of people have already been spoken with.

A post mortem was conducted by a Home Office Forensic Pathologist
during the course of yesterday that has established that Mr Montegriffo
died of injuries which are not consistent with having fallen from a height
or being struck by a passing vehicle. This supports findings of
examinations carried out of the scene.

The investigation is now a murder enquiry and further forensic work
continues at the scene. Police are in contact with the family and they
are being kept informed on the progress of the investigation.

Whilst we have had a positive response to our witness appeal we wish to restate that we are keen to speak to anyone who may have been in, or passing through Prince Edward’s Road by Gavino’s Dwellings on the morning of Saturday 7th July 2018 between 1100 – 1140hrs. We are also interested in speaking with anyone who may have been in contact with, or seen, Mr Montegriffo in the days before his death.


Anyone who believes they may have any information that might be of
assistance to the investigating officers is requested to contact police at
the earliest opportunity, by contacting the Duty Officer through the
Police switchboard at New Mole House on telephone number 20072500.

Whilst the public will see an increase in police activity in the area from
both uniformed and plain clothes officers we wish to advise the public
that this is due to continuing investigative work in the area and the need
to preserve the scene whilst this work continues.

Prince Edward’s Road will subject to road closures throughout the
course of the day. Officers will be on site to assist traffic which is being
diverted to the upper town via Flat Bastion Road.