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Why has it become acceptable for people to post images of dead fetuses on social media in order to press home their opinion on abortion?

That is no longer debate, or a difference of opinion, it is simply a display of cruel antagonism. It is posted in the singular hope of using horrific imagery to crudely change an opinion.

Admins need to protect us from these kind of “trolls.” This kind of image can only cause distress, not just to those who are considering abortion, or have had one in the past, but people who have been forced into them due to medical reasons, or those who have lost children that they have longed for.

We do accept, and we will probably have to accept for another generation, that abortion will be a sensitive subject in Gibraltar. The laws surrounding abortion, and the religious roots, mean that a lot of people who were born and raised here believe that it’s wrong under any circumstance.

But like most things the more we develop as a society the more we learn, and the more we become accepting of situations which in the past have been badly handled.

This is a discussion we need to have, and the more we discuss it, the more chance we have of making positive changes.

What we don’t need is scare tactics and antagonism.