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This is something that I’ve noticed more recently which bothers me and I’m sure bothers others, and that is that in many convenience shops they still sell multi-pack products individually, for more than what you would pay for the full product.

Crisps, chocolates, soft drinks, cigarettes, it’s not quite an epidemic but it still feels like being short changed. I bought a Mars Bar and a small bottle of water yesterday, cost £1.20.

Having quickly scoffed through the chocolate bar realising too late that it didn’t fill the hole, I looked at the wrapping and it said “Multi-pack not to be sold separately.” It was about two bites short and cost more than a full bar would cost.

I don’t want to chew out this individual shop specifically, although I’m fairly confident people will be able to accurately hazard a guess at which one it was, and I’m even more certain that they’re not the only ones doing it.

And I know that It may seem like a petty complaint, but why should we be fill the pockets of those selling us a lesser product?

With that being said, here are a couple of tips to avoid getting ripped off.

    1. If the crisps aren’t in a box, and are stacked on the shelf, looking like a bag of air, they probably are made up of 90% air, and 10% product.
    2. If the chocolates bars are lined up on a rack, with no empty chocolate boxes in sight, with a Twix barely the size of your little finger.
    3. Just read the label. If you have doubts read the wrapping, “Multi-pack. Not to be sold separately,” easy. Although you may get caught and harangued out the shop, the chance of this increases if you call the shop owner out on this.