RGP marine crews have twice this week provided assistance to
mariners in distress.

At about 1750hrs on Monday 14th May the RGP control room was
alerted by a member of the public to a sailing vessel in distress
400m off Coaling Island. On arrival on scene the RGP crew found
the vessel partly submerged with the sole crewman, a Czech
national, sat on the only part of the vessel still above water. The
crewman, who was in good health and did not require medical
attention, was taken on board the RGP vessel, however, soon
after police arrival the vessel became fully submerged, but
remained buoyant. The sail was removed and the 3 meter vessel
was slowly towed back to its mother ship moored at Queensway
Quay Marina.

At about 2000hrs on Thursday 17th May, the RGP crew were
alerted by the duty Port VTS operator to a small locally registered
pleasure craft in distress near the rocks at Little Bay. In addition to
the RGP launch, land officers were dispatched to the area due to
the proximity of the vessel to the shore. The boat had lost power
and had been drifting onto the rocks. When the RGP crew arrived
at the location the occupant of the hapless vessel had managed to
set his anchor keeping his boat off the rocks. The vessel was
pulled out of danger by the RGP launch and then towed back to its
berth at Coaling Island Camber.

To reduce response time the RGP crews deployed on both
occasions on board the RGP’s interceptor the Sir John Chapple.