A forfeiture order in respect of a total of €18,070 has been granted
by the Supreme Court following an application made by officers of
the RGP’s Money Laundering Investigation Unit under section
130(2) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015.

The matter dated back to December 2016, when two local men,
now aged 26 and 21 years of age, were stopped by HM Customs
officers as they entered Gibraltar via the land frontier. On being
searched they were found with €9,070 and €9,000. Unsatisfied
with the accounts provided by the two individuals, officers of the
RGP’s Money Laundering Investigation Unit were contacted.

Initial enquiries carried out by officers, qualified and accredited as
Financial Investigators through the National Crime Agency, led
them to suspect that the monies might be the proceeds of crime
and therefore recoverable property under the Proceeds of Crime
Act. The monies were seized and a Proceeds of Crime
investigation initiated.

The matter was heard in absentia by Puisne Judge Karen
Ramagge Prescott in civil proceedings in the Supreme Court on
Monday [7th May] as the respondents, who were not compelled to
be present, failed to turn up for the hearing. After hearing
evidence provided by the officers regarding the nature of the
enquiries carried out during the course of their investigation and
their findings, the Judge ruled that the monies, which until now had
been kept in an interest bearing account by the Treasury
Department, were derived from Criminal Conduct and ordered the
forfeiture of the monies.

This case exemplifies the efforts being made by local Law
Enforcement Agencies, not just in the prevention and detection of
crime, but also in ensuring that individuals are unable to continue
enjoying the proceeds derived from Criminal Conduct.