The Skywalk was officially opened by Mark Hamill on March 20th, and in the two weeks since there’s no doubt that many of us have visited the Skywalk.

So where do we stand on it?

The fee paid to Mark Hamill was used to generate international media attention and bring a fresh focus to Gibraltar, driving tourism. Mark Hamill has upwards of 2.5 million Twitter followers, and has since Tweeted various positive pieces regarding Gibraltar, so he will draw positive attention, and in my personal opinion I think it was a very clever strategy.

Where people may criticise the rumoured appearance fee, it will reach a much larger audience through Mark Hamill simply sharing Tweets than it would otherwise.

However, the attraction itself, from a local standpoint, what is our thoughts?

The images from the opening do very well to suggest the Skywalk is a lot longer and more formidable than it really is, that being said it is still an impressive structure, and the views are spectacular.

My main criticism is not the Skywalk itself, but the arduous journey it takes to reach it. Having a road that leads directly to it, but is only accessible by military or by taxi drivers, seems ludicrous.

The closest area to park is St Michael’s Cave, and from there is an uphill journey at a steep incline. Of course this is no issue if you’re capable of making the walk, but if you were to take young children requiring prams, people of an older age, or people who simply aren’t capable of making that walk, then it becomes a problem.

Why should locals feel overly strained to visit an attraction that their contributions contributed to?

The Skywalk does add an extra element to the attractions based on our Rock, and if The Skywalk has an elevator to take you onto the platform on arrival, why should it be difficult for those to make the journey?