The count is on for Gibraltar’s annual Mixed Martial Arts Cage fighting event!


Rock Under Siege return for the 5th MMA Fight Night and have a stacked card with hard hitting action as always. We will be featuring local fighters from Gibraltar in a mixture of both professional and Amateur bouts, across a variety of weight classes.

If you haven’t already got yours, tickets can be bought from either directly from the Hybrid MMA Team Gibraltar website (click/Tap here), or messaging Hybrid MMA Gibraltar on Facebook.

We have a total of 8 MMA Fights and are flying over some new all action fighters from the UK, who fight out of a gym owned by an ex-UFC fighter so quality is guaranteed.

We have our first female MMA Fight so this will be something you do not want to miss!

We will complete the night with a Title Fight featuring our unbeaten Gibraltarian Fighter, Jyl Pozo, who previously finished his opponent with a TKO but was called out for a rematch (apparently it was a lucky punch that almost knocked him out!).

 If you have not attended one of our MMA events previously then we promise you a superb atmosphere, quality fight action and hard hitting fighters, who will leave it all in the cage, for your entertainment.

76kg Title Fight Cristian Castro v Jyl Pozo

The main event is a rematch of a fight that Cristian thought ended too soon and was a lucky finish by Jyl.

I did not see much luck in Cristian pinned down, almost unconscious, against the cage with Jyl being pulled off by the referee but maybe I am biased! Cristian has been training hard since that night, nearly a year ago now. He is hungry for revenge and wants to prove that his head kick KO at a previous Rock Under Siege event, was no fluke. Jyl is unbeaten and has never been out of the first round so will that record continue and he will he lift the belt?

84kg Keith ‘The Hulk’ Ellis v Luis ‘Toro’ Ribera

2 BIG, strong, experienced fighters are going to throw down in a fight that will not disappoint.

‘The Hulk’ is flying in from the UK and trains at very well known Fight Camp, which is run by an ex-UFC fighter. He possesses a power and intensity that I cannot wait to see unleashed in the cage. ‘Toro’ is training hard for what could be his biggest test so far and is talking about a TKO finish so let’s see who comes out victorious, in a fight that brings KO power in the hands of both fighters.


75kg Lee Newell v Miguel ‘La Mamba’ Caledron

Locally based Gib fighter Lee had an impressive debut fight in Spain, taking out an experienced grappler, who could not deal with his punching power and cage control. Lee established an early rhythm of strikes, which left his opponent shooting for a takedown but Lee cruised to the win. Miguel was originally due to fight Lee at the same event but had his opponent changed at the last minute – scared maybe? Miguel got the win that night and now we get to see the fight that both had previously trained for. So will Lee land one of those nasty upper cuts or will Miguel manage to get the fight to the floor?

92kg Ragine ‘The Machine’ Wright v Thomas Mesk

Ragine is a no nonsense knock out artist who has fought on leading UK MMA fight promotion ‘Cage Warriors’ and is here to make a statement in Gibraltar.

He is bringing a size and strength, of the like we have not seen before in our cage and he wants to put on a show. Thomas says he has seen this all before and is not scared by Ragine’s size and ferocity and plans to put him to sleep in brutal style. It may not last long this one so make sure you are sitting down and ready but it is guaranteed to bring fireworks!

Women’s 60kg Maria Jose Moya v Irene Gomez Montes

Our first female MMA fight is on and we are very excited to bring this to you.

If you have not seen ladies fight then it is something you are unlikely to forget because these ladies come to swing and knock people out, just like the men. Irene is the more experienced of the fighters having been in the cage 3 times, picking up some impressive wins. Do not be fooled by Maria’s appearance as she badly wants to win her debut in impressive style and trains predominantly with men so will not be afraid to let her hands connect. Ever seen a lady knock out another? Well maybe now is the time!

65kg Antonio Santos de la Hera v Gregor Jurcic

This is feather weight bout with 2 guys whose speed and accuracy will astound you.

Gregor is flying over from the UK, fresh off an impressive win in the cage and is ready to showcase his talent here. His movement and footwork combined with solid power is his hands make him superb to watch and leave you wondering how someone can punch so hard and so quickly. Antonio has a calm, assassin style that makes you wonder is he evens knows he is due to fight then BOOM he uncorks that right hand and you know he is the real deal. Will he be able to connect with someone as impressive as Gregor?

77kg Fabricio Siakue v Paul Albertini

Paul Albertini vs Fabricio Siakue – 1st to connect puts the other to sleep.

Fabricio has burst onto the MMA scene with a superb KO finish at a fight card in Seville recently and his fight with Paul is guaranteed to produce fireworks. Paul put on an awesome fight against our own Jyl Pozo last year and was one of the few people who have been confident enough in his KO power to stand and bang. Who will be left standing on this one?

65kg Juan Vera v Alfonso Garcia Fernandez

2 young fighters from Spain who have both tasted victory and defeat in the cage and both desperately want to show who is the best at their age, in Southern Spain.

Alfonso is a striker who likes to keep things standing and land that power head kick that he has unleashed to great effect in the cage previously. Juan is more of a ground fighter who has a slick BJJ game and tight arm bar that he got the finish, with in his last fight in Gibraltar. So a great, striker versus grappler contest, that will end up in either a TKO or a submission finish but which one?