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When I woke up yesterday morning I had no problem with a zonal parking system, I’m never normally late in the morning, so it’s never a problem for me to get into Midtown Carpark.

Yesterday morning was different. I was running late. Traffic was hectic, and even coming down from Devils Tower Road, it took almost half an hour to finally reach Midtown, by the time I got there it was not even ten minutes past 9 but the carpark was full. It isn’t a shock, when the weather is as torrential as it has been recently more people drive, and the carpark fills up quickly. Not a problem.

Normally by 11 or 12ish spaces start to open up and you can get into Midtown, so after parking up in Morrisons, I grab myself a snack, knowing the car can be left there for a few hours, and then I can get it into Midtown. Come 12, Midtown is still full, and now the amount of options to park the car are very slim.

Circle the block and the park back in Morrisons, risk getting clamped if they spot my number plate, or go to the ICC and pay an extortionate £2 an hour for the remaining 5+ hours of my shift.

Whilst debating this, I drive past Ocean Heights, and to no real shock the parking availability is staggering, as it is almost every day. Yet, I can’t park there as I don’t possess the right Zone Permit.

So out of options I drive home, park there, and it takes me close to 40 minutes to get back to work.

Now my problem isn’t with the weather, or walking back to work, it was that a majority of these parking spaces remain vacant for large portions of the day, and it’s almost like a slap in the face knowing that you can’t even pay a reasonable fee to park there.

It’s important to remember that just because someone lives within a specific zone does not mean that they necessarily work there, or they remain there during working hours, most people own cars so they can get to and from work, so a lot of these people only require parking permits from when they finish work. For when they go home.

Whereas I think a Zonal System may be a good idea, which will be determined in the long term, I think changes could be made to appease all.

Why not open up all Zonal Parking spots during office hours to those holding passes, from 8.30-18.00, as long as you have a parking permit then you can park there.

Why leave the parking space unused if it will make somebodies day easier? It just seems illogical.

Or include a premium on annual costs to allow people to park outside their permitted zones?

These are just some thoughts, like I say, I can’t be the only one who has been caught late and had to alter their day based around a lack of places to park.