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GibLad Record Of The Month

In our latest segment we want public interaction. We want to learn about new music, old music, stuff we’ve never heard of, stuff we have completely forgotten about, bands from the backwaters, mixtapes. If we can get our hands on it we want to listen to it.

Once a month we’ll recommend two albums, one of our favourites, and one album recommended by you guys.

If you don’t like our recommendation then that’s cool, music is objective, and open to interpretation, if you don’t like it tell us what you prefer. We’re here to learn and discover.

As this is the first month, we’re going to start with one of our all time favourites, and one of this summers MTV Presents artists…

Chase & Status – No More Idols

Have you put this album on recently? This is the first time I’ve listened to it in about 6 years, and it takes me straight back to the festival scene on 2011.

Nearly every song on the album is a collaboration, but when you watched them live, there was a couple of hype men keeping the energy up, but the hard work and the party came from those men behind the decks. Vocals can be replicated, that atmosphere couldn’t.

Like those classic Prodigy anthems the sound doesn’t age. You throw “Blind Faith” or “No Problem” on in the middle of a night out and you know where that song’s going, and your begging for the next anthem. With some the music being played on nights out at the moment, maybe a bit of old school is exactly what’s missing.

The great thing about this album is it’s versatility, most great albums have great versatility, they aren’t resigned to one form of listening, this album can be listened to anywhere. In the gym, on a night out, at home, when you’re driving. Press play, plug in the iron, and work through that laundry. These songs never sound out of place, and are always there to pick you up.

No doubt this will be one of the most anticipated sets of the MTV Presents, and if past performances are to go by, it won’t be one to disappoint.

The Strokes – Is This It

Gibraltar native, Albert Hammond, had the pride of watching his son and his friends hit the big time in 2001 when The Strokes dropped their debut album Is This It.

Every song on this album could be a single. It is classic indie perfection. The first time I listened to this album, I realised that I’d already heard half the album without even knowing who they were. You might not think you’ve heard this album but if I play you “Last Nite” or “Someday” you’ll be humming along or singing the lyrics.

The albums peaks with the weather, it’s constantly timeless, but when the sun comes out and you’ve got a cold one in your hand, and not a care in the world it increases tenfold. Singing along with The Modern Age, “Oh, In the sunshine having fun…”, the album becomes an anthem in itself.

It was reported that these were the only 11 songs The Strokes had written before going into the studio to record, no alternatives, no B Sides, 11 songs perfected in performance, and laid down on track.

They may never hit the highs of this debut album, but the significance of it will always ensure that are at the top of the bill when they tour, and the quality of the album will always give us hope that they still have one more in the locker.