New Bus For St Martin’s School


HM Government of Gibraltar notes the comments made in the local press in respect of the St Martin’s School bus.

The current bus entered service on 1 Feb 2008 having been purchased, not by the then Government but by a charitable donation from the Bonita Trust. Clearly, that bus is now over 10 years old.

The Department of Education/Government ordered a new bus late last year with a promised delivery date of March 2018 but that date has slipped because of issues in the factory. We are assured that the new bus is now in the final stages of production and that it will be dispatched with the next two weeks. We therefore expect it to be in Gibraltar within the month.

Meanwhile, whilst the current bus is under repair for a damaged clutch, temporary transport is being provided for all the children by way of taxis, one of which is fitted with the necessary hoist.

The Government could not be more aware of the extra-special needs of the pupils at St Martins and will always give them its 100% support.