GSD Press Release – Chief Minister fails on Public Finance Questions


Chief Minister fails on Public Finance Questions

The GSD notes with dismay that, as in Parliament, the Chief Minister refuses to answer difficult questions on the management of Public Finance for which he is responsible.

The shadow Minister for Public Finance Roy Clinton said:

“It is sad but now typical of the Chief Minister to avoid answering important questions on
public finance which he either is incapable of or unwilling to answer. He instead tries to create a smokescreen by questioning the GSD’s impeccable finance record. Since he is so concerned about borrowing limits let me remind him that he abolished that same borrowing limit in 2016 and then proceeded to mortgage our housing estates for £300 million in extra debt. Who I ask is now addicted to debt and is creating a huge hole in the public purse?

The Chief Minister must be living in a galaxy far, far away from the reality of Gibraltar’s
finances and I hope he will abandon his fantasies in time for the 2018 Budget debate.”