In a week where Mark Hamill opened the Skywalk, our National Team proved to be the real stars on the Rock. With Liam Walker sealing a 1-0 victory over Latvia, a country with a population of close to two million people, Gibraltar have recorded their first victory since joining FIFA.

With no competitive element to this fixture, it would be very easy to overlook the significance of the result. This may have been a friendly, but much the same as the rugby national team, this was a friendly on home turf. A friendly and a victory.

Of the countries Gibraltar have drawn in the UEFA Nations League, Liechtenstein comes close to having a similar population, with both Armenia and Macedonia crossing the two million mark.

This result will breathe confidence back into a side which has struggled to find their feet against vastly more experienced nations, and give them the belief that they can compete against nations of a similar stature.

With Gibraltar hosting Macedonia in their opening fixture of the UEFA Nations League on the 6th of September, before playing Liechtenstein on the eve of our National Day. Positive results would instill a genuine believe that there is cause to be optimistic, and over time, potentially reach a tournament.