Lt Col David King presenting the Silver Bugle trophy to Dmr Gavin Moxworthy

ON THURSDAY 1 March 2018, the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) held their annual Commanding Officer’s Silver Bugle Competition, with the worthy winner being Drummer (Dmr) Gavin Moxworthy.

The competition, which took place in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment Band Block, is held in order to identify the best overall bugler from within the Corps of Drums (CoD).  All buglers within the CoD can step forward to take part in the competition if they feel up to the challenge, with the winner having the privilege of becoming the CO’s Bugler for the next 12 months.

Out of the seven buglers within the Band, five entered the competition.  Cpl Jonny Gonzalez, Dmr Christian Mora, Dmr Gerry Fortuna, Dmr Karim Gonzalez and Dmr Gavin Moxworthy, all with years of experience within the musical environment.   .

The competition began with a kit and deportment inspection by Warrant Officer (WO)1 Chris Canepa, the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM).  Every minute detail of the individual’s uniform is inspected for perfection; loose threads, creases, standard of footwear and brasso’d accoutrements were rigorously checked.  The RSM’s inspection saw tough competition early between Cpl Jonny Gonzalez and Dmr Gavin Moxworthy.

Following the inspection the RSM said: “The turn-out of the competitors was of a very high standard.  I had to go into very close detail to differentiate between each individual’s appearance, looking for the smallest piece of excess thread missed in preparation or fingerprints left on polished accessories.”

Commanding Officers Bugular Competition, held at the RG Band block on Devils Tower Camp. The judges were Captain Pearce (RG Adjt) Colonel David King (RG Commanding Officer) and WO2 Richard Burton (Band Master).

The next phase saw the individuals go through two bugle calls, this time under the scrutiny of the entire panel.  The panel consisted of the Commanding Officer Lt Col David King, the Adjutant Capt Elvis Pearce (also Corps of Drums President), the Bandmaster WO1 Richard Burton (Musical Expert) with WO1 (RSM) Chris Canepa inspecting their drill movements throughout.  Each individual presented themselves in front of the panel and sounded the first Bugle Call (apart from the RSM the judges were behind a screened panel out of view of the competitor).  Once they had finished, the individuals were asked by the judges to conduct another Bugle Call from a choice of three options, placing extra pressure on the competitors to memorise many musical pieces ready for immediate presentation.  Each piece was marked out of 10 by each member of the panel.  By the second Bugle Call, the competition was tight and the air palpable as the musical veterans took part in fierce competition, all with the understanding that one minor mistake would see them lose the competition.

During the competition Capt Elvis Pearce said: “Throughout the scoring, we have had some strong competition between the Buglers.  I am looking for the individual who will make the hair on the back of my neck stand, and a tingle go down my spine.  I think I have found the one.”

With the four phases complete, the scores were totalled and the overall winner identified.  CO RG presented the coveted Silver Bugle to Dmr Gavin Moxworthy who had demonstrated extreme preparation and perfect performance throughout.

On being presented with the trophy, Dmr Moxworthy said: “The Band has many very talented individuals and to come away with the Silver Bugle is good recognition of the pride and professionalism I place on mine, and the Band’s music.”

Bringing the evening’s event to a close, CO RG said: The CO’s Bugler will be tasked at very important events locally, and all the focus will be on the individual’s appearance and ability to successfully mark each event with a perfect Bugle Call,.  There exists no room for error, and I have seen first-hand that Dmr Gavin Moxworthy is up to the task.”