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Local GBA Coach & former BUCS Boxing Champion Kaelan Joyce gives GibLad his thoughts on the Groves v Eubank Fight

Personally I am really looking forward to this fight!  It really is one to watch.

Kalean Joyce, former BUCS Boxing Champion and Boxing Coach for GBA writes his fight predictions for GibLad

George Groves is the more experienced of the two, can bang and has faced better opposition. Believe it or not both boxers are more or less the same age, even though Groves seems to have been around for ages. This can be viewed both positively and negatively, on one hand Groves can be considered battle hardened and ring savvy. On the other it could make us wonder if he’s been in too many wars and ready for the ‘taking’. Many boxing pundits consider Chris Eubank Jnr to be the ‘fresher’ of the two. The two wars with Carl Froch must have taken a lot out of Groves but at the same time it must have been a massive learning curve and if Groves can hurt and drop a world class iron chinned boxer like Froch, he can drop and hurt anyone with that right hand.

I am well acquainted with Jnr’s style as I have followed him closely throughout his career. In 2012 he boxed and struggled to beat Jason Ball (scorecards were 59-57) during one of his early pro fights and I have kept tabs on him ever since. The Ball vs Eubank fight caught my attention as in 2008 I had also boxed Jason (albeit in an amateur fight) and wanted to see how my past foe would cope with the highly touted prospect. After the Ball fight I was under the impression that Eubank Jnr was over-hyped especially as he started claiming that he had struggled due to a hand injury. When boxers underperform and start making excuses it’s usually not a good sign.

Eubank Jnr has come a long way since then though and has developed into a world class boxer, who has decent foot work, fast hands and throws flashy combinations. He does though tend to fight in spurts, take mid-fight breathers and just seems somewhat inconsistent. If Groves can keep Eubank Jnr at the end of his jab and land that big right of his then he can take him out. Groves definitely has the better work rate of the two and can both box and bang. He might not have a Spartan like physique but don’t let looks deceive you, Groves is as tough as they come and has only been stopped (twice on paper but the first stoppage was very premature) by the big punching Froch.

I really want to pick Groves to win this one and I know he has the talent and punching power to pull it off but my gut says otherwise. Eubank Jnr has improved a lot during the past few years whilst Groves seems to have stagnated. During his last fight against Jamie Cox, Groves struggled with a boxer that he would have easily taken apart only a few years ago and if it wasn’t for that sneaky body shot that laid out Cox for the count he may have been in for a long night.

I predict an ever improving Eubank Jnr to edge out a hard fought decision but it really is a 50\50 kinda fight and one that could end abruptly with a single punch.