JUNIOR Soldier (JS) Christian Mercieca graduated from the Army Foundation College on
Thursday 15 February 2018, after completing his 49-week Phase 1 training.

Those attending the Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate are taught and trained on a
variety of military aspects: Fieldcraft, Skill at Arms, Fitness Training, Qualities of a Soldier,
Military Knowledge, Battlefield, Casualty Drills, Individual Health and Education.

WO2 Drimmie said: “Private Mercieca joined the Army at the age of 16 as he wanted a make a career out of it. As a young and fit individual he wanted to challenge himself physically and mentally, and by stepping forward and joining the Army he knew that he was making the right choice. His eyes are now set on completing his Phase 2 training at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick which is a 12-week long course.”

When JS Mercieca was asked what he most looks forward to he said:“Once I have
completed my Infantry training and return back to the Battalion I hope to challenge myself
further and become a PTI (Personal Training Instructor) with the Regiment.”

JS Mercieca is now back in Gibraltar enjoying two weeks leave before returning back to
sunny Catterick to complete his Infantry Training.