The Government is constantly monitoring Gibdock’s operations in order to minimise their impact on the environment. This is in sharp contrast to the practice of the GSD administration, which built a number of residential estates in close proximity without first doing anything about this activity. The situation today, while not yet ideal, is much improved.

In the past six years, thanks to approaches by the Government, there have been improvements in a number of areas, including screening of painting operations, and less use of on-ship generators. Regular interaction with Gibdock management has resulted in a reduction of complaints received. There have been several recent operations which have nevertheless produced more noise than usual, and these have been raised with Gibdock.

A ship repair facility close to residential areas will always have the potential of impacting on the neighbourhood, and the Government, which is not yet totally satisfied that all possible measures have been taken, will therefore continue to work with Gibdock to improve practices and reduce nuisance. Government is already very actively pursuing the requirement to supply onshore power to vessels, which will be necessary once the new power station is commissioned, to minimise the use of on-ship generators,to reduce paint overspray and emissions, and to restrict noisy operations to daylight hours.