Gibraltar V Hungary: What The GFA Can Take From This


On Saturday Gibraltar’s National rugby team steamrolled through Hungary, winning 33-14. I was lucky to be one of the many in attendance that day, and it was great to see such a fantastic performance.

What was even more impressive was the turnout, this fixture carried no competitive significance. This was not a qualifier, there were no ranking points to be gained, this was a friendly branded as “Our House”. The atmosphere was tremendous, all there just to support our boys in that moment.

The men made light work of a team currently ranked at 56th in the world.

Everything was set up right from the start of the day, the entry was only £5, the bar was easily accessible, and the entertainment was top drawer.

So where does the GFA tie into this?

A few weeks back we did a piece on the UEFA Nations League, and how this has to be a turning point for Gibraltars National Football Team where they can compete on a level playing field.

Football is Gibraltars primary sport. If the GFA can get these games played on home soil, they can very much turn Victoria Stadium into “Our House”. Learn the lessons from Gibraltar Rugby and market the game as a day out and the crowd which can be drawn will be the countries 12th man.