The public sale of the Rock Token was a fantastic success! Almost 10,000 whitelisted Rockers applied to join in our RKT sale, and we thank them all. Now we are approaching nearly 20,000 registered individuals for GBX accounts, many of them holding RKT, we wanted to reach out to our burgeoning community.

The token sale was exciting…and now we look forward to delivering on the vision that we set out in our whitepaper.

In that spirit we want to highlight the uses of RKT and remind everyone how and why RKT is the fuel that drives the GBX ecosystem.

Don’t forget if you’re still in the process of registering your GBX account, there is a free opening gift of 20 RKT! Don’t miss out on becoming a fully fledged Rocker! Complete your registration here.

What makes RKT different to other tokens?

Firstly, RKT is the utility token key to our digital asset exchange and token sale platform. RKT is a way to access to a whole range of innovative exchange and token services.

The bundles will be accompanied by their relevant application forms and checklists, all of which are nearing completion in the next few days.

Until the creation of the GBX, assessing a project’s legitimacy could be very difficult and risky. The GBX wants to raise standards and create a market which brings participants the highest quality of token sales. The GBX will ensure that its listings have passed stringent due diligence processes and have been guided to market by one of our qualified Sponsor Firms. Holding a reliable amount of RKT ($1,000 equivalent) will permit you early access opportunities to these future token sales.

For RKT holders, or ‘Rockers’, it will be the key that unlocks the doors to all the token sales on our platform, providing a ‘one-click’ participation. Think of RKT as the ticket that gets you into the token sale show where only great projects get to share the stage.

An ever-expanding horizon.

RKT will empower investors to expand their crypto portfolios. It will create a platform in which users can feel confident that transparency, good governance, and a system based on rules are core values.

We are creating RKT to bring together the comprehensive GBX-GSX ecosystem. There is a three-phase approach to build out the services our participants can use. Creating the digital asset exchange is just the first step. We intend to offer other services such as e-money in due course.

You can read more about this in our whitepaper but, essentially, RKT’s value is not just related to its current price. It will open a great range of possibilities for Rockers in our planned ecosystem.

Our strategic early adopters understood the potential of the Rock Token. It’s why they contributed during the private pre-sale. It was important those early adopters were fully aligned with our long-term objectives. We selected them based on the value that they add to our long-term projects as well as their aligned values with the GSX Group.

Beyond the Rock Token sale

The whitelisting process was not only for the Rock Token Sale. It also served as the registration process for a future account on the GBX. Anyone who has gone through the whitelisting process won’t need to go through it again. You won’t have to keep submitting data to token sales in order to participate.

Again, don’t forget if you’re still in the process of registering your GBX account, there is a free opening gift of 20 RKT! Complete your registration here.

A chance to shape the future

The GBX will support and help develop the wider crypto community, not just here in Gibraltar, but globally. Rockers will in time have voting rights on community developments, including initiatives derived from the GBX Alliance, a forum of academic and industry experts.

Members of the GBX Alliance will be rewarded in RKT for positive contributions. Planned campaigns at the Blockchain Innovation Centre (BIC) will also be supported and developed by those holding RKT. RKT will be at the heart of community progression, an incentive to innovate and push boundaries.

Using RKT at the GBX will revolutionise the way you interact within the crypto world. We want the GBX to be your one-stop-shop for your digital asset needs, with a list of interesting token sales, institutional grade digital asset exchange, and the promise of e-money and other services.

These are just some of the highlights of why RKT is such a useful token and why it is worth its weight in Rock.