Two local men, a 20 and 19 year old, have been arrested by uniformed
officers of the Area Response Teams on suspicion of violent disorder.
The arrests are in connection to a vile video circulated on social media of
a male individual being repeatedly assaulted by a number of crash
helmet wearing individuals with the video itself having been filmed by
the aggressors. The officers also executed search warrants at a
residential address and seized property in relation to the ongoing

The RGP strongly denounces this type of behaviour. Not only do we not
condone persons being assaulted, we will not tolerate individuals
flouting the rule of law in the belief that they are able intimidate, coerce
or subjugate others at their whim.

The RGP will not be dissuaded from fulfilling their primary role of
safeguarding the public and will do its utmost to bring perpetrators of
criminality, and in particular violent crimes, before the courts.