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Where debate may rage regarding Gibraltars education system, at least parents can take great comfort in knowing that our children will go to school and return home safely each day. A luxury which Americans have not been afforded in a long time.

Since 2013 there have been a reported 290 school shootings, yesterdays tragedy which tragically took the lives of 17 individuals marked the 18th school shooting in 2018. Absolutely incredible, and completely hideous statistics, but as far as the politics go, that’s all these are, further statistics.

The US has an approximate population 325 million people, so where does 17 lives stand as a percentage, to politicians and the NRA, it simply doesn’t. The sad reality for American students is that they have a higher chance of being slain at school, than they would of winning the Powerball.

But the question the Western World keeps asking is why is nothing being done to stop these atrocities? How can we as the general public all pinpoint the same problem and yet the American Politicians stand back and allow it to happen?

The answer is quite simple, money.

Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact

The report on the link above, although produced from 2016 statistics, shows that the gun industry creates “as much as $51.3 billion in total economic activity in the country.”

Businessmen hide behind backdated laws, the Second Amendment, in order to secure a very lucrative business structure. The NRA make significant contributions towards their preferred politicians, and their election campaigns, to ensure regulations are not made to jeopardise their industry.

In a world where humanity would be considered to be of more significance than profit margins you would hope to see immediate change, similar to that of Australia in 1996, where change was active, immediate, and effective, but America is the home to big business, and sadly for it’s citizens this is just the latest tragedy, not the last.