Statement on Renewable Energy


Yet again, on the subject of renewable energy, Trevor Hammond proves that he just doesn’t get Environment. He also seems to have conveniently forgotten that, prior to 2012,the GSD, his party, did absolutely nothing in relation to energy efficiency and did not even have renewable energy in its vocabulary. They were decades behind the rest of the world, and instead were resolute on giving Gibraltar a dirty diesel power station in the middle of a nature reserve. Even in the last election just over two years ago, he was campaigning hard against the much cleaner fuel that this Government is about to bring about. And now he wants to preach about renewable energy!

Mr Hammond tries to question the 1% figure stated by the Minister in Parliament. What he seems not to have heard is that in his answer the Minister stated that this figure was an estimate made up of a combination of the amount fed into the network PLUS the equivalent power generated by the solar thermal installations at various public locations including the GSLA swimming pool, Tangier Views and St Bernard’s Hospital. He also failed to note that the GSD’s contribution of renewables was a big fat ZERO percent without any plans whatsoever to even consider this.

His mocking of the Ecowave plant once again misconstrues its purpose. This is a prototype plant, set up at Ecowave’s expense, which generates a small amount while being assessed for improvements and future expansion in Gibraltar and elsewhere. It was never meant on its own in its pilot form to provide a major part of Gibraltar’s renewable output. The Department of Environment, Heritage and Climate Change and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority are preparing a number of initiatives that will prove the Government’s commitment to its renewable energy target and to a sustainable future for Gibraltar and that will once again show that Trevor Hammond has, as usual, jumped the gun.