Now that the dust has settled of Gibraltar’s music festival, we begin the countdown to National Day 2017.

The last minute rustling through the wardrobe to find the best red and white combo, normally ending up in an old Man Utd or Liverpool home kit, or maybe a GBZ beerfest shirt from the glory days of when the shirt came free with the ticket.

Failing that, Marble Arc have still got loads of Red & White bits in, including customised Quicksilver Gibraltar t-shirts. Perfect for those of us who leave shit until the last minute.

The first National Day to fall on a Sunday since 2006, giving everybody a breather on the Saturday and get their base plan in order, the big shop in for the BBQs, the bottles of tinto, the plastic bags full of cans, (Expect Morrisons to be running extremely low on supplies come Saturday evening) for the big walk down to Casemates.

Expect the first few casualties to start appearing around 11/12, the young guys that have gone too big too early, and end up having to be walked home by their mates before the balloons have been were released.

So avoid this, get out early doors. Get yourself a nice greasy breakfast to start the day. Maybe start the day in somewhere like O’Reillys. Get a full Irish Breakfast, some sunshine, a pint of Magners, and maybe a poncha lima to wash it all down.

Start the day on a high, make that plastic bag full of tinnies last, it’s a long day. You don’t want to be running between shops trying to find somewhere that’s open to get emergency supplies. Nobody wants to be paying £1 a can for a warm can of Skol because they’re carrying a depleted supply. If you get to that point, just start using the outside bars at Casemates. Paying the extra will be worth it, you’ll realise this once you’re 3 or 4 cans deep in warm Skol and taste buds start to regret life.

The political rally is penciled in for 12.25, so if you fancy some chest beating, and a fair handful of quotes that make absolutely no sense, then get down to Casemates for that. Or if you’re just interested in the release of the balloons then you’ll probably have a good 40 minutes or so from the start of the speeches to get yourself a good spot. If it’s too busy for your liking, then go join those that have made their way up to the higher tiers of the ICC Car Park for the best view of the release.

The DJs will be then out in force to keep the mood heightened as Casemates begins to disperse.

People will start making their way down to Monkey Rocks, if you’ve managed to procure a ticket for the sold out show, then it’s sure to be a great day.

Those who haven’t will have plenty of options to keep their day going.

Gourmet Grill will have a recharge station, so if you’re feeling hungry before you move onto the next part of your sesh then stop by for a burger and some music.

Ocean Village will be typically packed, all the bars will be expecting big turn outs on the day. So expect a great atmosphere throughout the afternoon and early evening.

Rock On The Rock will be having their traditional National Day Concert beginning at 2 in the afternoon with an onsite BBQ.

You might also be able to find a street party down by 3 Owls in the early afternoon, the one and only Jock Alan Stevenson came up with yet another solid fun fuelled initiative and it should prove to be a great shout! Click for details on National Day Street Party at 3 Owls.

Casemates will begin to fill up again around 8 with Breed 77 playing a free homecoming gig for National Day. It has been much anticipated and the crowd will be packed the rafters. If you have time to get home, and collect your emergency cans, then it is recommended because it is not going to be convenient to be going and forth to the bars in that crowd.

Of course the annual firework display will be going ahead of the detached mole. With the organisers looking to once again trump the standards set previously.

All that’s left to say is have a great day, and drink responsibly.