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This week we headed down to one of Gibraltar’s newest restaurants to find out all about what they’re offering, see if the food’s any good and check where it all began for Flame Grill Tex-Mex Indian Restaurant. If that sounds like a mouthful, wait until you see the portions and try what they’re got to offer!

The concept of Flame is that they offer not only Indian food, but all of the favourites; Thai, Mexican, Grill, Steaks, Chinese and special requests as well as vegan friendly dishes. The idea started when one of their chefs from India came up with the concept of being able to cook every’s best loved dishes without restricting themselves to one type of cuisine.

Flame Castillo de Duquesa

Their first establishment has been set up for over 4 years up in Castillo la Duquesa and has been remarkably successful, I overheard a couple of customers who were there talking about the Flame Castillo and how great the food was up there. The owner, Virender, said they thought that a natural expansion in Gibraltar would work well. I spoke to him and asked why Gibraltar and his response was quite simple.

“In Gibraltar there’s a community culture of food lovers who enjoy eating out and trying different dishes or cuisines. When you go out as a family or in big groups as friends or colleagues, it’s hard to find something that every wants. Here these groups can each pick what type of dish they feel like on the night.”

He explained; “The concept here is to bring together famous favourite cuisines and have families or friends chose from a varied menu of popular dishes”.

It’s a concept that may raise eye brows; would you sacrifice quality and taste for variety. So we had to go and taste for ourselves to see if it works or not.

The Thai Salt & Pepper Prawn or Chicken is an absolute must; Butterfly Prawn OR Chicken generously season with salt & pepper, toasted with onion pepper, freshly chopped garlic and ginger.

It was time to try taste the dishes and first up was the Thai Chicken Noodles; As the noodles came out they smelled great. Wok mixed fresh veg and egg, sweet chilli with chicken and noodles. The aroma of herbs and spices was even better to taste; lemon grass, giner, five spice were some that stood out.

The portions were huge and at £7.90 for the Chicken it offered great value for money.

Chicken Fajitas are one of my favourite dishes and something I make at home quite often, so I was looking forward to try their take on it.

Their fajitas are available with Chicken, Beef and King Prawn. All marinated with Mexican spices, served with onion and mixed peppers on a sizzling hot plate with sides of warm flour tortillas, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, tomato and salad.

Jalfrezy curry is their delicious sweet & sour sauce with ginger, garlic, onions and green peppers enhanced with butter. I always have to have naan to mop up the sauce with any curry, the naan bread was huge, more than enough for one. In fact the portions were that big this could have been a meal for two. I’ll take a bottle of Muga Reserva Rioja to finish with that please.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised with the experience, not because I expected the food to be bad, but because usually when restaurant offer a wide variety of dishes it’s hard to maintain consistent high quality across all cuisines.

With all of the dishes we tried, the portions were generous. I could see the attention to detail with presentation and attention to flavour with aroma and taste. I’d definitely recommend this for a big family or group night out since there’s really something for everyone.

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Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 09:00 – 23:00

Price Range: Appetisers & Sides £1.95 – £6.95 Mains £6.50 – £22.95 Wraps £4.95

So where is Flame Indian Restaurant?

At the end of Waterport Road, you can find it just before Papa Luigi and Al-Medina takeaway, it’s literally where the old La Parilla was. Map below: