Mayweather V McGregor
Sunday 27th August (Sat Night into Sunday morning)
Local Time 04:00/05:00
Local Venues Screening LIVE: O’Reillys, Gourmet Grill The Arena, The Hendrix and The Ivy will all be showing the fight and are already taking bookings for tables. You can check out all of their facebook pages for further details.

There’s a lot of opinion on this fight. The fight of the century, a sham and a mockery to the integrity of boxing, the clash of two greats from two great sports or a money grabbing swindle. Call it what you want. This is the epitome of sports entertainment and the overwhelming majority of us will be watching it, in what’s predicted to be the biggest money fight in the history of boxing.

There are generally two school of thoughts as to how this could pan out.

The first is a practical approach supported by many boxers and boxing fans alike; the thought that McGregor (0-0) can step into the ring and think to get anywhere near Floyd Mayweather Jr (49-0-0) is absolutely ridiculous.

Floyd Mayweather Jr June 2011 licensed CC ASA 2.0 Generic

Floyd Mayweather Jr is the greatest boxer of his generation and arguably of all time, he’s held 9 major world titles at 6 different weight classes and seen off some of boxing’s purest talent; Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao.

The last time he fought was September 2015 and some argue that his age and ring rust will give McGregor an advantage. But he is known for being a professional athlete who keeps himself in peak physical condition, in camp or out of it. Mayweather has guaranteed he’s putting Conor out on his face or on his back and even offered him the courtesy of deciding how he wants to go. In fact he’s that confident, he’s tweeting about his pre-fight week.

Then we have the other school of thought that opts for a McGregor win, the underdog pulling through against all the odds again.

Mayweather v Augustus 21st October 2000

UFC Analyst and Fighter Dan Hardy makes an interesting point regarding the unconventionality that McGregor can bring and how the traditionalist approach of boxing can be exposed to that. Citing the Mayweather v Emmanuel Burton (now Augustus) fight where although Mayweather dominated with speed, accuracy and reflex on the offence, he was caught several times by Burton’s brawler approach.

In 2012 on a conference call with boxing reporter Dan Rafael, Mayweather said Augustus was the toughest fighter he had faced. “I’m going to rate Emanuel Augustus first compared to all the guys that I’ve faced,” Mayweather said. “He didn’t have the best record in the sport of boxing, he has never won a world title, but he came to fight.” That is exactly what we expect Conor to do.

In his first fight against Marcos Maidana, Mayweather is put on the back foot and against the ropes with Maidana going straight on the offensive throwing right overhands, again something that we can expect McGregor will do; to go straight at Mayweather and use movement and unconventional approaches.

Conor McGregor, UFC 189 World Tour London licensed CC ASA 2.0 Generic

We can rally opinions from either camp about this all day long, but it is what it is, pure entertainment. A tenacious underdog and a terrific fighter who’s not a boxer, going up against the best defensive boxer of his generation. If McGregor is going to do this, it has to be via a knock out. He’ll have to make this an unconventional brawl and use as much movement as possible to find a way to land a clean solid shot and knock Mayweather Jnr out.

Conor McGregor is as confident as ever pre-fight, he’s always backed up the talk and is stepping up as the underdog – a position he’s comfortable being in.

We spoke to two local lads who are in a position to weigh in with their opinions on the fight. Joseph Williams is a former local boxer turner MMA pro and Head Coach at Hybrid MMA Team Gibraltar. Kalean Joyce, former British Universities and College Sport Boxing Champion 02/04 and Boxing Coach for GABA. Let’s read their thoughts.

Joe Williams Local Pro MMA Fighter gives his predictions to GibLad

Joseph Williams “OK my thoughts on the fight. As a former boxer before I moved to MMA I have a bit of experience in both sports.

We all know Mayweather is one of, if not the best of the best in boxing and McGregor is an up and coming fighter from a different sport. In my mind people are underestimating Conor as they have only seen him in a MMA fight where you cannot just rely on your boxing and your movement has to be different; he has to worry about kicks, take-downs and everything else in that sport. And saying that with the movement Conor has and the changing stance in the middle of an exchange, this is going to throw Mayweather off and now he doesn’t have to worry about kicks etc. He can let his hands go and I think he will shock everyone, but don’t get me wrong if he try’s to box with Mayweather he will lose. If he fights the MMA style and uses lots of movement I think he can do it. People go on about the conditioning saying that he doesn’t have it, the MMA conditioning is a different world and people underestimate that too. It’s going to be a good fight I think and if Conor does what I think he will do he is going to shock the world.”

Kaelan’s thoughts on the fight are somewhat different, coming from a purely boxing background.

Kalean Joyce, former BUCS Boxing Champion and Boxing Coach for GABA talks to GibLad about fight predictions

“I’ve got mixed feelings about the fight, on one hand I think its great publicity for the sport of boxing. Think about it…. the biggest fight in MMA history is taking place in a boxing ring! Don’t get me wrong I’m a massive MMA fan (K1 before that), but as an ex-boxer I will always consider boxing to be the top combat sport out there.

The purist in me sees it for what it is though, one big circus event driven by a well-funded marketing campaign and large amounts of cash! McGregor has virtually zero credentials as a boxer, the edited and potentially staged sparring session footage with a ‘shot’ and overweight Paulie Malignaggi cannot be considered as legit evidence as such. Not only will any boxer tell you that sparring sessions are very different to actual fights but Malignaggi a non-puncher (just 7 Ko’s in 44 fights), is certainly no Mayweather!

Marketing has also a lot to do with the current odds for the fight, 7/2 being the norm for a McGregor win. 100-1 would be more adequate odds in my opinion.

Floyd Mayweather Jnr Weigh-in V Pacquiao

I am not sure how someone who has never ever competed in a boxing ring before can have a realistic chance of beating one of the best defensive boxers of all time. The key word here being ‘defensive’, how will McGregor land his much vaunted left hand on a boxer known for his elusiveness? And if he does will he land it cleanly? Will he be able to hurt Mayweather with it? Mayweather has been taking punches from world class punchers throughout his entire career, he might have a better chin than what many give him credit for.

I understand that the fight has a certain allure to it but personally I don’t think I will be watching it. Events such as these are an insult to all the professional boxers out there, those who have dedicated their entire lives to the sport and who have sacrificed a lot simply to get that much needed ‘break’ or title shot. Slowly moving up the rankings and working hard day after day just so they can provide for their families. A tad melodramatic, but true.

If I were to watch it though I would be expecting a Mayweather shutout points victory or maybe even a KO win (if Diaz can hurt McGregor, Mayweather can do to). Any half decent boxer in good condition (amateur or pro) would beat Mc Gregor in my opinion (hence no warm up fight).

Anything can happen in the fight game though, a single well timed punch, an injury, a bad night for Mayweather. All of these things are possible especially at the advanced age of 40, but I just don’t see it happening.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a bit of drama during the fight though, just enough to merit a rematch but not enough for Mayweather to lose. His ego would never allow that, no matter how much money is involved. ”

Local Venues

Eclipse in Casemates, O’Reillys, The Arena, The Hendrix and The Ivy will all be showing the fight and are already taking bookings for tables. You can check out all of their facebook pages for further details.

Odds & Tips

I spoke to Kaelan about odds before the fight and coming from the industry, I can honestly say that odds should probably be more like @1/100 for Mayweather. However the amount of money pouring into the fight from UFC fans has put enough liquidity into the market to effect the prices. That said, lets look at some prices bookies are quoting.

If you’re in Joseph’s thought camp, then you can get a price for a shock McGregor victory @3/1 with Ladbrokes and Coral or @100/30 with Paddy Power. There’s also a lot of sign up offers for new customer going around with Paddy’s offering @40/1 and Ladbrokes and Coral doing @33/1 for new customers, though winnings are paid in free bets.

Kaelan has his own tips on the outcome: “Mayweather KO/TKO victory is currently best priced with bet365 @5/6 under the ‘Method of Victory market. McGregor KO/TKO victory Rounds 1-3 (can’t see McGregor winning but if he does this will be the way)” you can find the second tip in the Round Group Betting market which is currently best priced with Sky Bet @11/1.

This isn’t a fight that I’d bet on for value, but out of interest I’d have a small stake on McGregor to finish it by KO/TKO or to win in the early rounds as suggested by Kaelan. If the shock happens, this is likely where it will be.

If you are having a bet, please gamble responsibly.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share the article. I’ll be down at the Eclipse on the night, to anyone coming I’ll see you there! *EDIT unfortunately Eclipse will not be showing this due to unforeseen technical issues but have moved it to their alternative venue at Gourmet Grill. Subject to availability.