Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington takes his own life at 41 years of age

It’s a sad day for music and rock fans today as reports have been confirmed that the Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington has passed away. TMZ reports that he took his own life by hanging, according to LA law enforcement officials.

His body was found early hours on Thursday in his private residence in Palos Verde Estate in LA County. Chester had apparently battled with depression for much of his life and left behind 6 children from 2 separate wives.

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For anyone who was growing up in 2000 Linkin Park were just breaking onto the music and rock scene and their music would likely have been a massive part of your life. Their album Hybrid Theory was released onto a saturated music environment and still managed to  revolutionise nu-metal and sell over 30 millions copies. The singer’s voice was powerful and raspy and a huge part of their musical appeal.

His death will come as a shock to many of his fans, especially after they were about to launch a huge tour to take them to the biggest venues all over the States.

People took to social media to leave their tributes to a man who’s music has touched and inspired so many lives.

Chester was close friends with Chris Cornell who also took his own life back in May this year, the Linkin Park singer sang ‘Hallelujah’ at Chris’ funeral. Thursday would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday. Two greats, may they both rest in peace.