Med Steps 5 Challenge 2017

WHERE Jews Gate, Queens Road, Gibraltar
WHEN 08:30 Saturday 13th May 2017
ENTRY FEE £10.00 All proceeds to Charity

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This year will be the 3rd annual Med Steps 5 Challenge in aid of Cancer Relief Centre Gibraltar and every year it gets bigger and better. This brilliant initiative was set up by HM Prison Service Guards who wanted to make a difference and find a productive way to raise funds for a great cause. Last year saw the event raise £7,600.00 and hopefully our generous community can help top that this year.

#1 Get involved for a great cause

First and Foremost is about the cause for me. I was fortunate enough to attend a BBQ at the Cancer Relief Centre with a friend of mine who has been undergoing treatment and can earnestly say the work they do is fantastic. It’s a place that offers support for not just people undergoing treatment, but their families too and through this support make the difficult recovery road easier.

People from Gibraltar have been helping the Cancer Relief in various ways from cake bakes to Polar Bear Swims, Miss Gibraltar cutting her hair off to boxing skipathons and to cycling from Big Ben to Gibraltar. This is YOUR chance to get involved for a great cause!

#2 Personal Challenge

I enjoy going up the Med Steps as I’m sure many of us do. We’ve all got our personal best times or have tried doing a second lap after the first to see if we can. Last year I took part in the Med Step 5 Challenge and completed it for the first time, by lap 3 it was make or break for me personally.

The sun was at it’s pinnacle and the heat felt quite intense for someone who’s not particularly super fit. I remember cramping up by the cave on the last lap and thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish, but once I overcame that and did, it was a great feeling finishing. The personal challenge is a massive sense of satisfaction and reward in itself.

#3 Get fit

Described as a steep and arduous walk with 1,400 in length on a stroll that should take 1 – 1 and a half hours according to This is great way to work those legs and get into shape. Once you’ve done this and start to memorise the route is does get easier and becomes a fantastic way to stay in shape while admiring some amazing outdoor scenary – speaking of which . . .

#4 Amazing views

This sounds a bit like a silly reason, however for those that have been up there on a good day and paused on route to soak up the scenary, it’s the other way these steps leave you breathless.

To see North Africa, Gibraltar and Spain at the same time is something not everyone is privy to – the views are definitely always a reason for me to get up the Med Steps.

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#5 Great day out

The atmosphere was fantastic and although many where preparing for the challenge ahead, there was such a positive energy in the air; everyone was challenging themselves for the collective good of our community. Young and old alike – we were all there to make a difference and all in all, it was a great day out!

Taking part or not, you can still donate to this amazing cause Gibraltar society for Cancer Relief by clicking/tapping on their Just Giving page HERE!