Llanitos Ethan Ghio and Tyron Oton @Andaluz Kick Boxing K1 Full Contact

Saturday 25th February 2017
@Don Principe
Tickets €12.00 on the door
Weigh Ins: 14:40
Fights: 16:00

This Saturday at 20:00 in the Don Principe Polideportivo two of our promising up and coming fighters will be flying the flag for their gym and the Rock in the hope to qualify for the Andalucian Kick Boxing K1 Full Contact Championships. Training out of the MMA Hybrid Team Gibraltar, these lads have a bright future ahead of them and are fast becoming the future of the Sport locally. On Wednesday night GibLad dropped by to see them prepare and talk about their thoughts pre fight.

Ethan Ghio by Dave O’Connell Photography

Ethan Ghio started like many at a young age doing Judo, but came into MMA about 3 or 4 years ago. He’s been training with Gibraltar MMA Team, now Team Hybrid. Under the team’s guidance and training he’s evolved into a dynamic fighter at 6ft tall, fighting at 75kg weight where he feels comfortable. Ethan has a good reach and uses it to his advantage, he will also mix up his approach using both stances and solid technique.

Ethan had his first kick boxing fight back in October. You can view his first fight via video below courtesy of FIGHT CHANNEL HDK1 Hermandad k1.

I am more calm and excited after my first fight . . . I know what to do now and I feel more comfortable at this weight.

Tyron Oton by Dave O’Connell Photography

Tyron Oton started MMA 3 years ago with MMA Team Gibraltar back at the Jiu Jitsu Club and moved into specialising on kick boxing under the stewardship of Lee Tierney, when he realised he was more keen on the striking aspect than ground work. A quick and agile fighter with solid technique who likes to use low kicks and follow up working in close on the body. Tyron also had his debut fight back in October and it was also at the Don Principe gym in La Linea.

I asked him about his last fight, how he felt it went and how he feels going into Saturday night.

“More calm. In my last fight there was a fear element, but now I know what to expect and to listen to my corner. I Feel we’re more prepared and at a higher standard locally so I’m hoping to win.”

You can view Tyron’s last fight below courtesy of FIGHT CHANNEL HDK1 Hermandad k1.

The game plan for Tyron’s last fight was to jab, stay within reach because his opponent was shorter and pick him off. But as nerves kicked in and adrenaline hit, Tyron just “went at him”. By the second round the adrenaline had subsided and he calmed down, listened to his corner and started landing good hits to ultimately win by TKO.

Joe Williams was training them intensely with pad work, quick and realistic sparring, conditioning and so on. The team are always after welcoming anyone who wants to try it out. Tyron’s advice for anyone thinking of trying out MMA was simple.

“Start it. Anyone can easily do it once you’ve learned the technique, obviously it will take time and patience. But with commitment anyone can do it.”

They’ve both worked very hard to prepare for the night and make themsleves and us proud, so please let’s try and get as many people down there to support them:

Saturday 25th February 2017
@Don Principe (Pinned on Map Below) 
Tickets €12.00 on the door
Weigh Ins: 14:40
Fights: 16:00

All images by Dave O’Connell Photography.