This week GibLad catches up with another Llanito living a long, long way from home. Anthony Moreno moved to New York City to marry the love of his life and we caught up with the bald bugger to see how things were going for him and take an insight into what it’s like for a Llanito to move to the other side of the world and adapt to their way of life. Read on.

GL: Where are you at now?

I currently live in the Bronx, New York City. Fun fact, the name of this borough, (as the towns within New York are called) is Bronx, not “the Bronx” and it is the only borough that people refer to by using the word ‘the’ as an introduction.

GL: Why did you decide to leave Gibraltar?

I was in a long distance relationship for three years and decided that if I wanted to be with my now wife, one of us had to make a move. Long distance relationships are horrible and end up being a routine check up more than a relationship. Unfortunately at the time it wasn’t feasible for her to make the move. Like many llanitos, I am a very adaptable creature, so I left everything and welcomed the idea of moving away as an exciting new venture in my life with seamless opportunities in the big apple.

GL: What do you miss?

The biggest thing I miss are my family and friends obviously. I also miss having the beach close by and being able to go throughout the year. I miss the view from my living room window, I also miss being able to go out get smashed and know that I’ll make it home safely even if I pass out in a corner.

GL: What has been hardest to adjust to?

The New York way of life. Everything here is as they say; hustle, grind and work. Make as much money as possible sacrificing your personal time. Everything here is about money, which explains a lot about why they seem so angry all the time. Anytime anyone approaches you in New York it’s almost definitely to try and get money from you somehow. Oh and the tipping system!! You have to tip almost everyone for doing their job. But there are justifiable reasons for why they have it and if you bother to investigate and learn, you find out some sad truths about America but it still pisses me off.

GL: What are the most notable cultural differences?

One of the biggest differences is the dialect when speaking. They use a lot of slang here, that goes for both English and Spanish. Funnily enough there are far more similarities than differences. I like to think of New York as Gibraltar on a much, much larger scale. There’s a conglomerate of different races, ethnicities backgrounds and beliefs but for the most part everyone works with each other and gets on, unlike other states where the division in all those areas is …. noticeable.

GL: What is the best thing about being a Llanito abroad?

The best part about being a llanito anywhere, is our adaptability. We are chameleons that blend in anywhere we go. Specifically for me, is my ability to communicate in both English and Spanish that has been helpful.

One example of that is when I used to work as an under cover security guard for a big shop called Target (Like Morrisons but bigger with a lot of crazy people). I had to make an arrest at the door for shoplifting. A Spanish speaking woman pretended that she didn’t understand English, as I stopped her I said “Hello love, sorry to trouble you I’m with the security department could you follow me please?” She tried to keep walking and said, “Ay papi me no speaky English“, to which I replied “Oh, tu no hablas inglés? No te preocupes que yo te lo digo en español, anda ven conmigo” lol needless to say she was very surprised at my Spanish speaking abilities.


GL: What has been your proudest achievement since your move?

My proudest moment so far was completing my personal training school and getting my NASM certifications as a personal trainer.

The school was in Manhattan and its called Focus Personal Training Institute. I went there for six months after work which was hard because I worked long hours after dealing the whole day with nut cases, so I would go at night and it was quite intense. It covered an array of subjects like kinesiology, biomechanics, physiology and more. They also gave me homework which quite frankly I despise, but I got a diploma so there’s that.

Fitness Instructor in New York Raquet Health Club

Then I received my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification which I had to do through the same method minus the school. Work all day, go home, study online, use different books, videos and attend seminars and then take different tests.

GL: What are you goals for the year?

This year I’ve started giving fitness classes as well as personal training so the goal is to further excel my career and I’m also hoping to go to a university and study to be a physical therapist assistant and hopefully transition into that field using what I’ve learned as a trainer. I’d go for a physical therapist but it’s a five to seven year course and it’s way too expensive, plus I could do that at a later stage through different scholarships if I so choose. If I can make it happen why not let someone else pay for my education?

GL: Do you see yourself staying there, or eventually coming back (other travel plans?)

I travel as often as I can and I like to go all over. As of right now I have no plans to go back for good just to visit, but Trump is president, so if I go back acuerdate que yo soy llanito vrada, enróllate y dame un trabajito o algo no?

GL: What would you say to any Llanitos who are thinking of making a move abroad to travel or chase a dream or experience something new?

I make sure to let everybody know that Gibraltar is the best place on earth. I even go into detail about its geographical location, it’s rich culture, it’s beautiful formation, how great living there is, it will never fall short of being an amazing place with wonderful people.

However, every llanito should leave and live somewhere else for some time, whether it be for university, a course, a life experience, or just to get away from it, because you will truly appreciate and understand what a unique bubble we live in. Gibraltar will always be there to go back to, go elsewhere, see and feel how the rest of the world lives and what it has to offer.

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