Gib Airport Runway by Willtron licensed under CC 2.0

Gib Lads – Share with your UK mates! The ‘promise’ of sun, sand and erm… cheap booze will make you odds-on favourite for dodging the cold back on the Isle of Chilly.

This year Gib airport have been running a record number of flights to and from the UK, and with airlines serving Gibraltar from UK destinations taking a break here has never been so convenient!


Gib not only consistently enjoys temperatures that are way higher than the UK, but we also get longer to enjoy the rays. The sunny times start with averages of almost 20°C in about April, and don’t really come to an end until October. Even then Christmas day comes with hopes for a nice hot one.

With a massive choice of beaches, bars and restaurants scattered around Gib you’ll never be short of a place to work on your tan.

6. Drinking. (RESPONSIBLY…)

The good stuff is really, really cheap Gibraltar. Don’t ask why – we’re too pissed to work it out. At the time of writing you’ll get your weekend supply of Absolut Vodka for for £25.00 in the UK. Pick up the same 1 litre bottle for £8.50 in Gib.

The biggest savings are to be made on spirits, but rock up in Ocean Village between 5pm and 7pm (weeknights) and you’ll enjoy Gibraltar’s legendary 2-4-1 deals on pints, wines, spirits and cocktails.

Most of Gib’s bars are a lot classier than your average UK local and offer great value-for-money. Plus they do Med-style table service during the day. What more could you ask for?


An extra language might give you an edge with ladies back at home, but you’re not going to find yourself reaching for your phrasebook in Gibraltar.
The locals are proud Brits – while you’ll hear plenty of Spanish around to get you in the holiday mood, you shouldn’t have any trouble ordering your Sunday Roast in good ol’ English.


Fancy a change? Cross the Spain-Gibraltar border and you’ll think you’ve been on a 3hr flight. Gib is met at the border by the ‘city’ of La Linea. Despite it’s sketchy reputation La Linea has plenty of great places to grab a Cerveza and Tapas with Spaniards. (You might want to pull out that phrasebook you just chucked out though).

Rent a car, grab a local mate, or even jump on a coach, and you’ve got the Costa Del Sol at your fingertips. Reach the clubs of Marbs in just over an hour or head a couple of minutes further for the historic streets of Malaga – we’ll leave the choices to you…


A pack of 200 cigarettes will set you back you back no more than £25 in Gibraltar, compared to an incredible £90 in the UK. So go figure.

But Gib isn’t in the Customs Union (what?), which apparently means each adult tourist can take up to 200 (10 packs of 20) into the EU. At the time of writing that includes the UK. Any more than your allowance and you face having the excess confiscated and paying a fine. Sad times. More here.


View of Gibraltar Airport by David Jones is licensed under CC by 2.0
View of Gibraltar Airport by David Jones is licensed under CC by 2.0

As if the manpoints you’ll claim landing on one of the most dangerous runways in the world isn’t enough incentive to fly – you’ll have the chance to walk over it too. Take it from someone who has to dodge tourists on the walk over it every day – this place is Gib’s selfie-central.

Winston Churchill Avenue, the only road into the country, just happens to cross the Gibraltar International Airport runway. Which also happens to be surrounded by sea. Right next to a a huge rock. Speaking of which….


No lad can deny the beauty of that rock. Once you’ve reached the top, hung out with the monkeys, waved at Africa and captured your next Fb profile pic, it’s time to experience all the stuff that it looks over.

Gib is the only place you’ll enjoy the traditional-yet-metropolitan, quiet-yet-buzzing, brit-yet-mediterranean experience. The small but unique local community have welcomed expats from all over the world to share their home.  This is one melting pot you definitely want a taste of.


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