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This week we wanted to check out some Moroccan cuisine and looked for the perfect blend between take out food and restaurant standard cuisine. What we got was Essaouira, and as many locals already know – it’s the perfect place to grab some grub.

GibLad spoke to owner Ahmed Asri about Essaouira, named after a port city and resort on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, a place he’s very fond of. It’s been opened locally for just over a year and a half after he had success in other Moroccan restaurants in Spain and Morocco.

I’d eaten the mixed grill and other standard quick take away dishes here but did not realise how much more there was to offer until we saw the banquet with an array of dishes laid out before us.

Then when I asked Ahmed (almost rhetorically) what cuisine and style they cooked, he went over the variety of tastes they cater for, while still specialising in traditional Moroccan cuisine. There’s something for all tastes from traditional spanish rolitos, pastellas, carne en salsa to fish and chips and chicken drum sticks to briyani & pilau rice.

Then of course we moved on to the good stuff; lamb tagines, cous cous, Moroccan soup and tea. I could see he’s very passionate about the food they prepare and he stressed that the natural ingredients and cooking from scratch is what sets them apart; everything down to the chicken pinchitos are cut from breast and marinated in house.

From the times I’d been there I could clearly see this was a family establishment and they have a great attitude towards service and hard work. They’re open from 09:00 – 02:00 everyday and have an amicable relationship with their customers who they put at the heart of their business.

According to Ahmed the most popular dishes are the soup, cous cous and lamb tagine, which also just so happens to be his personal favourite.

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Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 09:00 – 02:00

Price Range: Appetisers, Salads & Sides £1.00 – £4.50 Mains £4.00 – £9.50 Soups £2.50 – £6.50

Where is Essaouira Gibraltar?

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