I would like to pay a humble tribute to a real Gibraltarian great, a man who was so proud of his country and was a steadfast inspiration to us all. When I heard the news today, I could barely believe what I was reading and felt like with his passing, a void had been created that will never be filled.

Momy would be seen daily in his commute through Main Street wearing his classic pin stripped suit and bow tie, sporting a walking stick and a tenacious smile with a zest for life that was almost contagious.

I like many, knew briefly of his life; that he’d served with the Gibraltar Defence Force, was Mayor of Gibraltar, a strong supporter of our harmony within our diverse culture, owned an estate agent and was quintessentially Llanito.

But when I watched a GBC News coverage of his life and unfortunate passing I realised that for someone who was so prominent in our community and so approachable, I’ll always sincerely regret that I’d never walked up to him on the many occasions our paths crossed and invited him for a coffee and chat.


For those that did have the pleasure of knowing Momy, the tributes poured in far and wide.



As I watched all of the various footage, posts and quotes this evening about Momy, one that shall resonate with me are his words that address all of us as llanitos;

“One thing I’ve always been very proud of, and that is of being a Gibraltarian . . . we are special people.”

Thank you for all you’ve done for us and Rest in Peace Momy, Gibraltar will be a lesser place without you.

Feature image by Benjamin Hassan