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I‘ve got a sweet tooth and can’t help it – it’s my Achilles heel. I’ll go through a packet of McVities Chocolate Digestives like a knife through butter. So this week I was really looking forward to paying a visit to Piece of Cake, due to the aforementioned sweet tooth issues.

I caught up with owner Sharon Garcia and had a talk about her passion for baking and the history of the business. Her Grandfather owned a bakery and she started at just 8 years old, by the age of 10 Sharon was helping bakers make cakes and by 20 had her own successful business.

She moved away from baking and into accounting for 10 years, had a family and naturally her children took priority. But about 6 years ago she started getting an itch to get back to what she loves and after a couple of years of working from home, in 2013 she acquired the premises and Piece of Cake was established.

If you’re wondering ‘what is there to a cup cake’, I had the same thought until I walked into the Piece of Cake outlet and looked to the counter on my right; every possible cup cake from Mint Aero to Reeses peanut butter pieces with the attention to detail on point.

With Cakes the process involved can take 4 members of staff who each specialise in a different aspect of the final product; baking, filling & covering and final decorations. Due to humidity in Gibraltar the icing can take days to set properly. This along with the research required for some of the customised designs, means that cake orders may take longer. The cakes have to be ordered a week in advance and it is completely necessary for the perfect finish that Piece of Cake produce.

Back to cup cakes. Everything is done from scratch and they make over 400 cup cakes a week, coming up to Christmas that will rise to over 600! This is excluding orders for customised and just as delicious cakes.

For Sharon, it’s all about having a great team of empowered staff that pull together to make the magic happen. The idea of using branded cupcakes was to promote flavours of brands people are familiar with; Cadburys, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Snickers – lo que tu quieras. The most popular orders are the Mint Aero cup cake and Banoffee cup cake. Though her personal favourite has to the be Nutella version. When I ask her to summarise the perfect cup cake, the proprietor instinctively replies “moist, light and delicious”.

Kinder, Maltesers & Reeces Peanut Butter
Kinder, Maltesers & Reeces Peanut Butter

Finally the moment I’d been waiting for, trying the cupcakes. I went for the Mint Aero and Reeces Peanut Butter . . . No. Te. Vea! Now I understood exactly what Sharon meant by the perfect cup cake description; it’s moist enough not to stick to your palette and light enough not to feel sickly, yet delicious with the perfect replica of flavour to match the Mint Aero brand. I wasn’t sure how the green buttercream tasted exactly right, but she’s obviously perfected the recipe over a lot of trial and error. If you’re going to order, get at least one Mint Aero, en serio.

@the top of the table, Mint Aero cup cake

We also discussed the target market;

GibLad “Cup cakes are just for women no?”
Sharon “Initially I was worried the interior of the Bakery was too pink and not ‘man friendly’. But what we’ve actually found is that we get a lot of men ordering via the Hungry Monkey app, whereas more women come in to visit and order”.

“A lot of men also order to their partner’s place of work, send a box of cup cakes home to their gratified partner or order them as a birthday surprise to be delivered with Hungry Monkey. ”

Ya sabes lads, si metiste la pata con el shorvo, order a sweet box of treats to get you back in the good books!

So what about the future? Business is clearly going well and continues to grow, in the New Year they’ll be opening a new premises and looking to hire more staff. There’s also a new range of dessert cup cakes planned, basically desserts based on the cup cake flavours and we anticipate that high standards will be maintained.

Recipes change with the seasons but the good news is they have egg free, gluten free and vegen versions to cater for most dietary requirements. Moving forward there’s a sugar free possibility in the pipeline and GibLad love that they’re trying to cater for all.

If you’re reading this at work or home and want to try it, you can order it for delivery right now using the Hungry Monkey App, click here to order NOW!

Office Hours:
Mondays: 10:00 to 15:30
Tuesdays-Friday: 09:00 to 16:00
Bakery Opening Hours:
Monday: 11:00 to 16:00
Tuesday: Friday 10:00 to 17:30
Saturday: 11:00 to 13:30
Sunday: CLOSED

Alternatively you can pay the welcoming Llanita Queen of Cakes a visit. Where is Piece of Cake?

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