WHEN Saturday 1st October 2016
WHERE Don Principe Gym, La Linea de la Concepcion

Don Principe Gym put on a night of K1 full contact fighting that had everyone’s adrenaline levels kicking. Including the much awaited female K1 Championship Fight Katy ‘Pacwoman’ Diaz Vs Carmen Panayioton as well as Israel Lokito Vs Miguel Pulido headlining an impressive fight card.

Their short video promotional video clip was a great teaser, but the live event was even better!

Two of the local lads from Gibraltar MMA Team were on the card and put in some great performances.

Francis ‘Loco’ Cabrera fought Rivas over two 2 minute rounds of K1 rules.

Francis started the round well and landed some good punches while also avoiding Rivas high kicks, but was caught out by some low kicks which he struggle defending. This is where Rivas landing many of his shots early on.

He turned up the response a bit more in the second round again landing some good hits but fight tiredness kicked in causing him to lower his guard mid way through and get caught with a Rivas right hook near the end of the second round.

Catch the full fight below courtesy of Fight Channel Hermanidad K1.

Leeroy ‘Rude Boy’ Ruiz faced Nicolas Makiki, who had a height and reach advantage.

Fighters touched gloves amicably and Nicolas launched straight for Leroy opening with a combination of punches which Leeroy blocked well and step away to respond with a left-right jab of his own. Nicolas enthusiasm showed through his offensive approach of strong kicks, looking to finish the fight early.

Leeroy remained more patient and calculated; keeping his distance with good movement ducking, dodging and blocking, allowing his opponent to tire.

Just over a minute into the round Leeroy lands a good combination opening with a right jab and finishing with a left hook catching Nicolas on the side of the head. His response is blocked well by a strong Leeroy guard and after getting his front kick caught and then hit, falls back and complains he’s been pushed. By this point it looks that Ruiz is getting to him and we have a few more exchanges before the end of Round 1.

In the second round Leeroy comes out more fierce opening the round by landing a superman punch, but the attacking shift means he took a few more hits than the first round. Nicolas landed a good kick mid torso as he caught Leeroy missing a spinning back kick. After a quick rub down this really galvanised the fight.

Just under a minute into the second round Leeroy catches Nicolas well and lands a series of quality strikes which cause the referee to step in and count. Throughout the second round Leeroy lands more quality shots and is ahead on points, which is how he took the fight.

Catch the full fight below courtesy of Fight Channel Hermanidad K1.

(1st Round 0.43 – 2.43) (2nd Round 2.59 – end)