WHEN Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th September 2016
WHERE Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar

The festival’s organisers didn’t do themselves any favours with their killer 2015 lineup – expectations for this year were even higher.

But in my group of mates, 2016’s festival was a first for us all. With that in mind we skipped the first couple of main stage acts on Saturday (sorry Frontiers, Nathan Sykes et al) to ensure we’d make it to the end of the night…..


We got to Victoria Stadium at about 18:00 and there were no queues, but we were held up for a good 20mins with ticket issues. Someone from Glownet eventually came and rescued us and let us through the gates with an apology.

Naturally we headed straight for the bar….

So we joined Saturday’s lineup just as The Vamps were starting their set. I hadn’t heard of them before but once they got going I recognized some hits. The guys had great energy and Brad had loads of fun with the poor camera guys, which made for a pretty interesting set overall.

All Saints attracted a decent audience and smashed out their old hits. Perhaps smashed is an overstatement – the girls have been singing the same old songs for a long time, and it showed. So while they kinda lacked energy, the Gib crowd made up for it.

Next my amigos Españoles drag me over to the Gibtelecom stage to see Rosario. Given the huge audience she attracted she is clearly a Spanish star, but for me she was a real discovery. A double Latin-Grammy-Award winner, she held the stage better than any other act I saw that weekend. And her band were awesome. Rosario, come back next year.

As top bill on Saturday Ne-Yo proved his credentials as an American artist with years of experience. He closed the Main Stage with a set that was all about lights, dancing and a good handful of chart toppers. The drinks were well and truly doing their work at this point in the evening…

Now the plan had been to go on and catch the evening’s DJ sets from Brian Cross, Yves V and Racs & Lim, but when the main stage closed they hadn’t started yet. Not in the mood to wait around, we decided to save ourselves for Sunday… some genius in the Government had pronounced Monday a bank holiday.


Morning mass (in as much as there was wine,) overran for us a bit on Sunday… which meant we missed some brilliant sets from Age of L.U.N.A and The Fratellis. We arrived in time to catch Heather Small making Gib Proud with her hits from the 90s.